How To Achieve The Perfect Bouncy Curls


Hello everyone,

My favourite way to wear my hair is definitely curly. You always want what you don’t have right? As my hair is naturally straight, thick and long I find it quite difficult to keep volume and curls but over time I have learnt some tips and tricks with the help of a few key products to keep them lasting longer. I hope you find these useful!

1. My first tip for achieving voluminous, bouncy curls is to make sure your hair is bone dry before attempting to curl it. Not a little damp, not almost dry but completely dry. There have been many times when I have been in a rush and thought ‘oh it won’t matter.’ Trust me, it does. Your hair will not keep its curl and you won’t achieve that bouncy look that we all want.

2. Make sure your hair is clean but not too clean (as the curls won’t hold as well). I tend to wash and blow-dry my hair the night before I want to curl it as it prolongs the curl and adds more volume.

7583904720_IMG_0267 3. Pin curl your hair! If there is one tip I’d want you to take from this post it’s this one. This is something I’ve recently started to do and I have seen a huge difference in my hair.  I use the Babyliss Curl Secret Hair Curling Tool as it alternates the curl direction creating a more natural look. As my hair is thick and long I always do this in sections.


Once you have curled one strip of your hair, immediately start to roll your hair working with the curl that has already been made until you get to the top of your head. Secure the curl with a bobby pin and repeat until you have completed all of your hair.  Keep this in for as long as possible to achieve maximum volume.

I tend to do my makeup whilst my hair is cooling.

4. After a while, take out the bobby pins and brush out your curls to achieve a more natural look but BE CAREFUL. There has been many times when I’ve brushed a bit too hard and the curls have flattened which is not what you want after spending a while on your hair.

5. Use some hair spray. Elnett hair spray is a winner for me because it’s one of the only ones which doesn’t make my hair crispy. Let’s face it- no one wants crispy hair.

Here are some of the key products I use regularly!


Let me know if you try any of these techniques/ if they work for you.


Becky xo

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