Bride-to-be… New me?


As many of you may or may not know, I’m getting married this year and for me January is a time to set some clear goals that I want to achieve before the big day. I know, I know everyone says the same thing ‘new year… new me’ but this year I’m determined to look and feel my best for my wedding. The start of a new year felt like the best time to start over and accomplish my aspirations for the year.

Although I’ve set many of these goals based on my wedding, they are quite generic and I’m sure after all the over indulging this Christmas, many of you are hoping for a fresh start this year.

Getting fit – This is something I have been passionate about for a long while and it has been a big part of my weekly routine for years now, however, I’m hoping to step up the game this year. It’s important to set realistic goals as there have been many times when I have said ‘I’m going to workout everyday.’ Realistically (for me anyway) this wasn’t feasible and I think it’s important to give your body the rest it needs. My aim for this year is to workout 4-5 times a week and for one of these to be a park/ road run as this is something I actually really enjoy (I can’t stand running on a treadmill). I won’t go into too much detail about my workout routine but if this is something you’d like to see let me know.

Hydration We all know how important it is to drink water yet it’s so hard to remember and actually drink that 2 litres! Would anyone else rather reach for the Starbucks coffee or a warm cup of tea on these cold, dark mornings? With that being said, I’m making it my aim to do this. A handy tip is to use one of those  hydration tracker  water bottles that have the set times on them to help keep on top of it.

Skincare– Throughout 2017 I experimented with skin care way more than I ever have before. It’s something I feel very passionate about and after investing in some staple products I’ve seen a massive change in my skin. I try my best to do this daily but I can’t lie and say there hasn’t been times when I’ve been too tired (or shall we say lazy) to take my makeup off properly. Sometimes it does just seem too hard to get up when you’re tucked up in bed but you always regret it the next day when an angry spot comes to greets you! Over the next few months, I’m hoping to try some more skincare products that will  (hopefully) help me achieve healthy, glowing skin. Obviously, remembering to do my skin care routine day and night…

With all this in mind (and having to stay well clear of the chocolate and biscuit cupboards) I’m excited to see what this year will bring!

Let me know if you have any new years resolutions.


Becky xo


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