How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes…

These days your wedding shoes are nearly just as important as the dress you wear, (although many people do not even see them). I’ve been asked so many times ‘What shoes will you wear?’ I guess as the wedding dress is often top secret at least I could share my ideas on the shoes.

When picking my dream pair I definitely did not go for the ‘classic’ bridal look. In fact I think I went for the more high fashion look and I can imagine they are either a love or hate shoe to be honest.

This was always something that I knew I would splash out on as I do not own a pair of designer shoes and decided that for my wedding day it would be the perfect time (excuse) to treat myself to a pair. For me, it wasn’t hard to decide on the exact style and designer I wanted but I did take a few things into consideration beforehand! Below are some tips to help if you’re struggling to decide which pair would be the ones for you OR do not want to spend a small fortune on your shoes (I have found some great dupes).

Apologies in advance for how many times I say ‘shoes’ in this post…

Wearability – The reason I was so desperate to get myself a pair of Valentino Rockstuds was for this exact reason. They are a shoe I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember or since the first time I saw them. My number one tip would to think about whether you’d ever wear those beautiful heels again after the big day. In my case it was a big YES as I knew I would and have even envisaged plenty of outfits I can pair with these (yes it has been killing me not to wear them for the past 6 months!). Especially if you’re spending a lot of money of a pair of shoes you do not want them to be something to sit in your wardrobe for the next however many years.

Try before you buy – Someone gave me this idea a while ago and I thought I’d share. If you’re unsure about splurging on the shoes then try and find a high street dupe to test out before purchashing or if you’re not bothered about wearing a designer shoe BUY the dupe. Since buying my shoes I’ve seen that many high street shops have amazing dupes and for about 1/6 of the price. Dune in particular have an extremely similar pair and the quality looks great. If you’re not sure about a shoe maybe try the high street alternative first so that you’re not disappointed/do not waste your money.

Dune also have amazing dupes for the classic Manolo Blahnik shoes which are also beautiful!


Comfort – We all know the saying beauty is pain. However, when buying your wedding shoes try to make sure they don’t absolutely kill your feet after 10 minutes as it is a long day after all! Lets face it no one wants to hobbling down the isle or have blisters after an hour. I’ve always found shoes with ankle straps way more comfy as they give you that extra support… I can’t say these are comfiest heels ever as I haven’t really worn them yet (apart from around the house) but they do feel cushiony and supportive. Plus the heel isn’t too high which is a bonus for me as I’m quite tall anyway. Another tip would be to read reviews online as often people will say if they are extremely uncomfortable.

If you buy your shoes in advance I’d definitely try wearing them in before your wedding day!


Becky xo


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