My Top Favourite Nude Lip Combinations

My favourite lip combinations have always been nude. Pinky nude, browny nude, dark nude, light nude, true nude… basically anything nude. I’ve never been one to be very adventurous with bright colours and quite frankly don’t think they really suit me so when it comes to lipsticks I tend to be quite boring and stick to similar shades. That being said, I still have hundreds of lipsticks and I personally don’t think any of them are the same shade (convincing my fiancé this on the on the other hand is a different matter!). 

The Evening Nude

If I’m out for dinner or going out for the evening with friends I’m normally looking for a lip combination that is going to be long lasting and not come off within the first sip of my drink which is why I normally turn to a matte lip finish. My favourite combination at the moment is using Mac Whirl Lip Liner with Mac Honeylove Lipstick on top. If I want to achieve a darker, bolder lip I will normally reach for Rimmel Cappuccino Lip Liner. These three lip products have been in my make up collection for years and have been repurchased over and over again. They’re a must have from me!

The Everyday Nude

When I’m in a rush for work in the morning I normally want something that is quick, comfortable and looks quite natural. My favourite lip liner is Barry M in the number 16 (it doesn’t have a shade name on the pencil but I will link it above). It is that ‘your lips but better’ shade and only costs £2.99. Yes £2.99, thank me later! I personally love this as it isn’t drying at all like many other liners and looks amazing on its own. If my lips are feeling cracked or dry in this weather I often just put lip balm on top of the liner. For me that is a win win situation… comfort and colour.

The Ombre Nude

I love the look of an ombre lip and when I have the time I will often spend time doing this as the effect is beautiful. It is really important that you have the correct tones/ shades for you to ensure you get the full effect.

  1. Line your lips with a shade that is quite a bit darker to your natural lips but do not colour your whole lip. I tend to use Cappuccino by Rimmel London which is a dark nude shade.
  2. Once you have done this take a matte lipstick of your choice which a shade lighter than the liner (I use the Maybelline Colour Drama in Nude Perfection). Again when filling in your lips move closer towards the centre but do not fully colour your whole lips as we need this to be clear for our final shade and to create the ombre effect.
  3. Finally take a shade which is lighter than both previous products, I also tend to go for a lipstick with a creamier texture as it contrasts to the matte shades AND reflects the light well. My favourite is Mac in the shade Blankety it’s ultra-creamy but still has great colour pay off.

I also adore the Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in the shade Bitch Perfect which is my all time favourite pinky nude.

Let me know if you have any holy grail nude lip colours (a girl can never have too many)!

Becky xo



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