What I eat in a day

Breakfast- 7:30am

My favourite meal of the day. As long as I can remember I have always absolutely loved breakfast. I’m the type of person who wakes up with an appetite and looks forward to this meal every day. Most mornings I try to have something substantial as the next time I eat is usually lunch which is quite far away. On this occasion I made a ham, mushroom and spinach omelette (2 whole eggs 1 egg white). I loved having eggs for breakfast as I find them filling and they provide a balanced breakfast with high protein and good fats.Lunch- 1pm

Today was a chicken breast stir fry with broccoli, peppers, spinach, mushrooms and onions (basically whatever veggies are laying in the fridge). I fried this in my wok with coconut oil and added soy sauce and sesame seeds for toppings. It made a great healthy lunch.IMG_0946

Snack- 2pm

I usually quite hungry between lunch and dinner and this is around the time that I tend to go to the gym in. For my snack, I had a Fage total 0% yoghurt with raspberry and pomegranate which is dreamy! I absolutely love this and actually look forward to eating these.IMG_0978

Snack- 6pm

After the gym I often have a protein shake to try and get my protein up in my diet as I find it quite hard to meet my daily goals. On this occasion I had my Women’s Best Protein Shake in chocolate flavour with 250ml water.


Today I made chili con carne but I used turkey mince instead of beef mince. I’m not the biggest lover of read meat and turkey is much leaner and healthier. This is a great balanced meal which is packed with goodness; the variety of beans means it has a lot of protein and some good carbs. I added some broccoli (greens are always important) and I do usually have brown rice with this but for some reason I didn’t today.


Snack- 9pm

This is the time where I find healthy eating the hardest as all I want in is tea and biscuits. I love peanut butter (pip&nut obviously!) and as you can see so does my dog! Peanut butter and apple is a great evening snack or sometimes I have banana with the peanut butter!IMG_0956

I will be doing another one over a weekend to show what I like to eat and how I try to stay healthy at the weekends also!


Becky xo

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