My Top Favourite Nude Lip Combinations

My favourite lip combinations have always been nude. Pinky nude, browny nude, dark nude, light nude, true nude… basically anything nude. I’ve never been one to be very adventurous with bright colours and quite frankly don’t think they really suit me so when it comes to lipsticks I tend to be quite boring and stick to similar shades. That being said, I still have hundreds of lipsticks and I personally don’t think any of them are the same shade (convincing my fiancé this on the on the other hand is a different matter!).  Read More

How To Achieve The Perfect Bouncy Curls


Hello everyone,

My favourite way to wear my hair is definitely curly. You always want what you don’t have right? As my hair is naturally straight, thick and long I find it quite difficult to keep volume and curls but over time I have learnt some tips and tricks with the help of a few key products to keep them lasting longer. I hope you find these useful! Read More

My Top 5 Beauty Favourites of 2017


2017 has been a great year for beauty and one where I have tried and tested many products from different brands. As we are a few days away from entering 2018 I thought I’d dedicate my first (proper) blog post to my Top 5 Beauty Favourites from this year. I must admit it wasn’t the easiest to narrow it down to 5 but I would have to say these are beauty must haves from me! These are in no particular order…

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