Primark Bridal Range

I have to say I’m not somebody who shops much in Primark, mainly because I never seem to find anything I like when I’m in there. I see so many people on Instagram who manage to find these amazing pieces of clothing and whenever I go in I can never find them! However, when I saw an article online  about Primark’s Bridal range I just had to have it! Have a look at all the 62 pieces in the range here

I’ve actually ended up going to a few Primarks now as different shops (I have found) have different stock. Here are my top buys from the range…

  1. robeBridesmaid Robe- These were the perfect colour I was looking for in a robe, the blush pink is a staple colour in our wedding theme and I just loved these. They have a beautiful lace edging on the sleeve which makes it look really high in quality and for only £10 you really can’t go wrong.

They also have matching shorts (in the image above) and a cami top to go underneath which are also lovely and would look great on the morning for getting ready.

They did also have a white version which I liked but it didn’t have the lace fringing which was my favourite part.

This was probably one of my favourite buys from the range. This bralet is absolutely stunning! You can see it clearer in the picture above but the detail on it and the mesh detail reminds me of something from Victoria Secret.

FullSizeRender-1Plus it’s extremely comfy to wear which is a plus as often bralets can look great but don’t feel great! If I remember correctly this was £8.


These silky PJ’s are another beautiful piece from the range. I love the floral embroidered detail on the neckline and the shorts. The satin covered buttons are also a lovely touch to the set. I paired these with the silky bra let and think they would even make a great gift if you know someone getting married.    (£12)                                                                                                   knjb

Lastly, this Disney pair which I thought would be good for my upcoming hen do! They’re fun and who doesn’t love DISNEY hey? (£10)

I’m hoping to have a few more posts up this month as I’ll have some time off over Easter! Enjoy the holidays.

Becky xo




How to Find the Perfect Wedding Shoes…

These days your wedding shoes are nearly just as important as the dress you wear, (although many people do not even see them). I’ve been asked so many times ‘What shoes will you wear?’ I guess as the wedding dress is often top secret at least I could share my ideas on the shoes.

When picking my dream pair I definitely did not go for the ‘classic’ bridal look. In fact I think I went for the more high fashion look and I can imagine they are either a love or hate shoe to be honest.

This was always something that I knew I would splash out on as I do not own a pair of designer shoes and decided that for my wedding day it would be the perfect time (excuse) to treat myself to a pair. For me, it wasn’t hard to decide on the exact style and designer I wanted but I did take a few things into consideration beforehand! Below are some tips to help if you’re struggling to decide which pair would be the ones for you OR do not want to spend a small fortune on your shoes (I have found some great dupes).

Apologies in advance for how many times I say ‘shoes’ in this post…

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DIY Bridesmaid Boxes

Hello everyone,

I’ve been so excited to share some of my DIY tips and tricks that I have used throughout the wedding process. As you all know, weddings are extremely expensive and where I could try to do things myself and save some money I was definitely happy (plus it’s often an excuse to get together with the bridesmaids and have some fun!). When I first got engaged I was so excited to ask the special people in my life to be my bridesmaids but I knew I wanted to do it in a creative way. Pintrest is a dream for this sort of thing and helped me to think of fun, special ways I could ask them without it costing a fortune. I loved the ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ esque boxes and got making them straight away. Read More

Bride-to-be… New me?


As many of you may or may not know, I’m getting married this year and for me January is a time to set some clear goals that I want to achieve before the big day. I know, I know everyone says the same thing ‘new year… new me’ but this year I’m determined to look and feel my best for my wedding. The start of a new year felt like the best time to start over and accomplish my aspirations for the year.

Although I’ve set many of these goals based on my wedding, they are quite generic and I’m sure after all the over indulging this Christmas, many of you are hoping for a fresh start this year. Read More